The influence of work facilities and communication on employee productivity

Published: Aug 24, 2023


Purpose: The author analyzes whether there is a significant influence of work facilities and communication on the work productivity of Gelumbang Hospital employees.

Methodology/approach: The method used in this study is a quantitative method obtained from observation, documentation and questionnaires distributed to 30 ASN employees at Gelumbang Hospital. The data analysis technique used in this study was to test for normality, multicollinearity and heteroscedasticity tests.

Results/findings: The results of this study based on the results of the simultaneous test can be concluded that the results of the F test indicate that the significant value of the influence of facilities (X1) and communication (X2) is 0.139 > 0.05 and the value of productivity (Y) is also greater than 0.05, namely with a significant value of 0.139 and the calculated F value is 2,121 < 3.34 F, so as the basis for decision making in the F Test that facilities and communication do not affect performance productivity and other factors that are more dominant in influencing productivity such as cooperation, responsibility and so on.

Limitations: This study only discusses the factors of work facilities and work communication in influencing employee productivity, while many other factors also have an effect. In addition, the number of samples in this study was limited to only employees in one department, not all employees.

Contribution: The results of this study can be a consideration for the hospital in making policies related to increasing employee productivity.

1. Work facilities
2. work communication
3. productivity
1 . Maliah Maliah
2 . Nurkardina Novalia
3 . Riyan Habimayu
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Maliah, M., Novalia, N., & Habimayu, R. . (2023). The influence of work facilities and communication on employee productivity . Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic and Practice Studies, 1(3), 249–259.


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