Study on the utilization of village funds to support food security in Glagah Lamongan District, East Java

Published: Feb 12, 2024


Purpose: This study is related to the use of village funds for fiscal year 2022 to support food security at the village level and form of activities.

Research methodology: The research was conducted in four villages in Glagah Lamongan District. Survey and questionnaire methods were used, and data were analyzed quantitatively and depicted in the form of tables and diagrams.

Results: All villages budget for activities related to food security because of the 20% rule of the village government. The activities carried out by the village government related to food security are physical and non-physical.

Limitations: This study was conducted in four villages in the Glagah sub-district, and the form of activity was carried out in 2022.

Contribution: This study contributes data on the forms of activities in the village that are related or associated with village-level food security efforts. The Ministry of Village Affairs, as a policy maker for the use of village funds, can emphasize the purpose of village-level food security, because each village has different capabilities. The district level Village Community Empowerment Office (DPMD) is an extension of the Ministry of Villages of the Republic of Indonesia and the Fisheries Office of Lamongan Regency regarding the potential of fisheries in the Glagah Lamongan area.

Novelty: There is a maximum and minimum limit of what percentage of 20% of the village fund budget is in the form of empowerment; before empowerment activities, the village government is required to create an activity roadmap that includes the form of activities and the amount of costs, what is the next year's budget plan, and what output, so that empowerment activities do not change each year and there is no follow-up.

1. Village Development
2. Village Funds
3. Food Security
1 . Eko Sutrisno
2 . Duwi Siswanto
3 . Anita Rahmawati
4 . Eksa Rusdiyana
5 . Jenny Yudha Utama
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Sutrisno, E., Duwi Siswanto, Anita Rahmawati, Eksa Rusdiyana, & Jenny Yudha Utama. (2024). Study on the utilization of village funds to support food security in Glagah Lamongan District, East Java. Journal of Indigenous Culture, Tourism, and Language, 2(2), 21–30.


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