Information Technology Strategic Plan for Hospital using Ward and Peppard Model

Published: Nov 16, 2022


Purpose: The objective of this research is to find IS/IT strategic plans, managerial activities, and operational activities in hospitals that can be used as proposals for IS/IT development in hospitals.

Methodology/approach: The approach used in this research is the strategic planning of Ward and Peppard who conduct an analysis of the internal environment and analysis of the external environment at the hospital using various analytical tools such as SWOT, CSF, PEST, Value Chain and McFarlan Strategic Grid.

Results/findings: The final result of this research is comprehensive strategic planning at the strategic, managerial, and operational levels which are expected to be in line with the business objectives of the hospital.

Limitations: The limitation of this research is the mapping of application proposals that are in accordance with the business objectives of the hospital.

Contribution: The final result of this research can be used as a basis for developing IT at the hospital which is expected to help in developing IT at the hospital in the future.

1. Strategic Planning
2. Information Systems
3. Ward and Peppard
4. Portfolio
1 . Muhammad Ismail Zabartih
2 . Wijang Widhiarso


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