How to Submit

Goodwood Publishing uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) to promptly send your article to our editorial boards for review. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide that will help you to submit your paper. Prior to submission, you should prepare two Docx files as follows:

  1. Cover, consisting of the article title, authors’ names, affiliation (department, institution, city, country), and email.
  2. Full manuscript, consisting of the following structure: Title, abstract, keywords, introduction, literature review, research methodology, results and discussions, conclusion, acknowledgment, and references. You don’t need to write the authors’ identity in this file since we use a double-blind peer review system. It is also essential to format your article following our template.


A step-by-step guide

Follow the steps below to complete the submission of the manuscript. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

  1. Register an Account

If you don’t have an account, you need to register as an author. Just simply click Register at the top-right corner of your screen on the journal's homepage.

You need to complete all information required then click registration. You’ll receive a link to validate your account in your email. Please check your spam/update folder if you cannot find it in your inbox.

  1. Login to your account

After completing your registration, you may now login using your registered username and password.

This is how your dashboard will display.

  1. Create a new submission

Now you’re ready to submit your article by clicking the New Submission.

Mark and acknowledge all the submission requirements and copyright statement, then click save and continue.


Next, please select your article component. You need to upload at least two files; cover and full manuscript.


Click continue in the “Upload File” and “Review Details” sections, then in the “Confirm” section, click “Add Another File.”


Now, in the article component, choose “Full Manuscript” and click continue until in the “Review Details.”


In the “Confirm” section, click complete.


Your files are ready. Click “save and continue.”


You need to complete all required fields. In the “List of Contributors,” please add all the authors’ names, affiliations (department, institution, city, country), and emails by clicking “Add Contributor.”


Next, click “save and continue.”


Click “finish submission,” confirm, and return to your dashboard.

  1. Wait for Editor Decision

In your dashboard, you can see the status of your submission. In the next following days, it will change to the review stage.

You shall receive a notification within 14 working days.


  1. Respond to Editor Decision

Once the editors have decided, you will receive a notification that attaches some reviewer report files to your email. The decision will require you to either resubmit for review (major revision) or revise few issues (revisions required). You may also receive a decision that declines your paper. In this case, you are unable to continue the process of your submission.

You may also see the notification and reviewer reports in your dashboard.

Next, it is time for you to revise your manuscripts based on the editors’ and reviewers’ comments and suggestions. If you need anything to discuss with our editor(s), just scroll down and click “Add Discussion.”

After your revision is complete, click “Upload File” in the revisions section.


Upload your revised file. Now it is done. You shall receive the next notification within 14 working days. After following some peer-review stages, your article may be accepted and will be published in the next available issue.