Collaboration strategy in the development and inheritance of Archipelago’s Arts

Published: Jul 5, 2022


Purpose: To increase the value of repertoire in interactions between humans, religion, and the state as an effort to inherit the arts and culture of the archipelago.

Research methodology: In addition to primary data sources from resource persons at the art study sites, secondary data sources from various articles, journals, and videos from YouTube are also used in the SWOT analysis process.

Results: The strategy for the inheritance of the archipelago's arts is found in the art of Kuda Renggong, which creates a creative, reactive, formative attitude, and synergizes with the development of Indonesian culture 5.0.

Limitations: The studies and analysis results in this article can be used as the basis for other research studies that analyze the influence of technological progress on the development of the cultural arts of the archipelago.

Contribution: As a basis for studies based on Anthropology, Cultural Studies, and Art Education which are able to analyze various studies in multi-disciplinary ways.

1. Collaboration Strategy
2. Education Transformation
3. Enculturation of Archipelago Culture
1 . Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
2 . Hasanuddin Hasanuddin
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Kasmahidayat, Y., & Hasanuddin, H. (2022). Collaboration strategy in the development and inheritance of Archipelago’s Arts. Journal of Indigenous Culture, Tourism, and Language, 1(1), 1–20.


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