Developing An Islamic Adab-Based Teacher Leadership Model to Improve Teacher Performance in Islamic Boarding Schools

Published: Jan 31, 2024


Purpose: This study aims to overcome the problem of improving teacher performance by improving the quality of teacher leadership.

Research methodology: This development research adapts the Borg and Gall research and development model, with the research subjects being teachers. This study has five main objectives: describing the needs of teachers to develop an Islamic manners-based teacher leadership model to improve teacher performance, designing and developing a prototype of the model, evaluating the validity and practicality, and assessing the effectiveness of the teacher leadership model. Data were collected from experts and practitioners using observation methods, implementation surveys, and assessment sheets. Data analysis techniques involved quantitative and descriptive analyses.

Results: The results of the development research indicate that (1) teachers’ need for Islamic adab-based teacher leadership is very high as a guide for learning and mentoring students on a daily basis; (2) the prototype of this teacher leadership model includes a series of steps, starting from the flowchart, framework, and components, to the stages of treatment for teachers; and (3) the assessment of the feasibility of the Islamic adab-based teacher leadership model shows a very high validity category with an average score of 3. 66, (4) Its practicality is assessed as practical with an average value of 3.20; (5) there is a real difference in the effect of applying the Islamic adab-based teacher leadership model at Insan Cendekia Madani High School before and after the application of the model to improve teacher performance with a survey of the impact of model implementation that reaches very high normality values of 0.529 and 0.128 > 0.05, t-test 0.000 < 0.05, and moderate N-Gain 0.60 < 0.70, with a percentage of moderately effective results at 58%.

1. Teacher Leadership Model
2. Islamic Adab
3. Teacher Performance
1 . Dani Mohammad Ramdani
2 . Husain Syam
3 . Abdul Saman
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Ramdani, D. M., Syam, H., & Saman, A. (2024). Developing An Islamic Adab-Based Teacher Leadership Model to Improve Teacher Performance in Islamic Boarding Schools. Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic and Practice Studies, 2(1), 9–26.


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