Focus & Scope

Journal of Sustainable Tourism and Entrepreneurship

The scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following fields:


Innovation in Tourism and Business

•Theoretical underpinnings of innovation management

•Innovation marketing strategies

•Globalization, innovation and changes

•The use of digital technology in tourism and business

•Innovation and co-creation of visitor experience

•Social media in tourism and business

•Innovative human resources management

•Business model innovation in tourism and hospitality

•Creative tourism


Sustainability in Tourism and Business

•Urban Tourism

•Rural Tourism

•Over Tourism

•Responsible tourism and business

•Design for sustainability in Tourism and Business

•Innovation and sustainable destination development

•Sustainable entrepreneurship in tourism and business

•Economic impacts of tourism and business

•Problems in tourism development

•The impacts of tourism on environment

•Crisis and disaster management for tourism


Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Business

•Entrepreneurship and its ecosystem

•Innovation, entrepreneurship and culture

•Diversity in tourism and hospitality entrepreneurship

•Social entrepreneurship / community enterprise

•Entrepreneurship and small family business

•Emerging markets for tourism and business

•Entrepreneurial personality and motivations

•Online consumer behavior in tourism and business